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"Featured standouts come from...Hannah-Kathryn Wall's superb voiced Trix." - Marc Alexander (Theatre Teacher Talk)


"There's also Trix (the impressive Hannah-Kathryn Wall, whose recent debut with SRT was in "Little Shop of Horrors").  - Tori James (Calaveras Enterprise)


"...The Urchins - are solid singers and actors who gel well together and are very entertaining to see and hear." - Tori James (


"Lead vocalist, Hannah-Kathryn "HK" Wall, kicking things off with...her gorgeous voice setting us up for a concert-style presentation of the songs." - Pete Hempstead (Theater Mania)


"...Lead vocalist, Hannah-Kathryn "HK" Wall has a lovely voice."- Victor Gluck (Theater Scene)


"A live band backs up the soulful singing of fluid-voiced Hannah-Kathryn "HK" Wall." - Jon Sobel (Blog Critics)


"The set performed by an onstage band led by the vocalist Hannah-Kathryn "HK" Wall, who rules the stage with her uncannily serene presence." - David Barbour (Lighting & Sound America)

"The songs, performed by a live band fronted by gifted vocalist Hannah-Kathryn "HK" Wall, are smartly integrated into the dialogue and action." - John R. Ziegler & Leah Richards (Thinking Theater NYC)

"...Onstage band that features a fine...lead vocalist Hannah-Kathryn "HK" Wall." - Howard Miller (Talkin' Broadway)


"...It is quite wonderful, especially when the voice of sublime band vocalist Hannah-Kathryn "HK" Wall is front and center." - Brian Scott Lipton (Citi Tour NY)


"And speaking of Riff Raff and Magenta, they also make for a great onstage pair! Spencer and Wall bring all the creepy unease that these characters are supposed to deliver, with the addition of killer pipes that harmonize together delightfully." - Colin Fleming-Stumpf (Broadway World)

"A masterful performance of Hannah-Kathryn "HK" Wall singing "Shout". She delivers the energy, vocal range, and power and they are a fresh and welcome shift in the show's trajectory." - Sonja Niles (Central New York | Broadway World)

"Nettie, played by the young Hannah-Kathryn Wall, who embodies Celie’s sister, with her huge heart and strength." - Parker Smith (The Salisbury Post)

"HK - You're such a talent! Thank you for always being a positive light during this tour!" - GFour Productions Team

Stanly News and Press Article 1

Stanly News and Press Article 2


January 2024 - Hannah-Kathryn "HK" Wall became a Resident Artist at New Light Theater Project in New York City .

2023 - Broadway World (Central New York) Award Winner for Best Performer in a Musical (Professional).

"Olive Ostrovsky in 25th Annual Putnam Co. Spelling Bee at Pendragon Theatre." 

2023 - Broadway World (Central New York) Runner Up for Best Director (Non-Professional).

"Frozen Jr. at Pendragon Theatre."


2022 - Selected to be a part of LINK Class 4. 


2022 - American Theatre Wing, "Fellowship Scholarship winner."

2018 - Selected to perform in a William Ivey Long Gala Tribute alongside Christine Ebersole, Andy Karl, Laura Osnes, BeBe Winans, and accompanied by David Dabbon. 

"Featured Soloist."

2018 - Andrew Lloyd Webber Scholarship winner. 


2018 - Mary S. Doctor Scholarship winner. 

2017 - Blumey award winner for Best Supporting Actress.

"Sylvia in All Shook Up at Northwest School of the Arts."

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